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As a whole, my artwork is a direct expression of my upbringing and passion. Born and raised in Michigan, the hidden gem of the United States, my life has been spent exploring the beaches that run along nearly the entire coast of Michigan. The tranquility and beauty that beaches provide my body and mind is an aesthetic I attempt to reflect in practically all of my artwork. 

Dissimilar to other mediums of artwork, I prefer ceramics and mosaics since they serve a practical value as well as their ability to make a living space feel more comfortable and beautiful. For the mosaics portion of my collection, I find beautiful ceramic plates, bowls, and cups and break them. I also collect scrap sections of glass and individually cut them into pieces based on the pattern I best see fit for the piece. 

There are so many parallels between the ceramic and mosaic processes and Biblical applications. As documented in Genesis 2:5 “God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life.” It is amazing to me that God chose to create such a significant part of His creation of such a simple material. In this same way, when I approach ceramics and observe the process from beginning to end, it reminds me of the story of creation. The piece begins as a formless lump of clay, ready to be shaped and molded by the artist. As time passes, the clay is formed into a vessel that serves a purpose. It is decorated and glazed and hopefully results in a beautiful object. The mosaic process is a Biblical reminder that no matter how broken and purposeless we feel at times, the Lord’s love has the ability to transform us into a new creation.

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